Friday, April 27, 2007


As I was perusing the net this evening, I discovered this link back to this blog from Graphic Novel Review. "Ooh," thought I, "I'll check this out."

Apparently, Joey Manley does a little round-up of other people's writings on the topic of his given review (something I never noticed before).

Here's the relevant quotes regarding my review of The Squirrel Mother and Other Stories:

"Much of what I found, though, struck me as strangely curt and cursory, regardless of whether the opinion proffered turned out to be positive or negative in the end. Maybe Kelso’s minimalism has rubbed off on the reviewers? (No danger of that here at GNR, my friends, never fear! We never saw a ten dollar word we wouldn’t gladly pay you twenty for).

"Earth Minds Are Weak:

""The book is named after the first story in the collection, a gorgeously depicted piece about… well, it’s a bit hard for me to say."

"See what I mean? Lots of people are talking … but they’re not talking a lot. That doesn’t mean that the book didn’t have an impact on them, of course. Sometimes the best works of art leave us without words. For example, Justin Fox, the “Earth Minds are Weak” blogger quoted immediately above, went on several months later to declare the book his #1 favorite comic of 2006."

Now, here's my review. I'm rough estimating that it's about 1,080 words. Manley's comes in at about 940. Excusing a broad margin of error in my calculations, I'd say our pieces are roughly the same in length, and mine might actually be longer (eh-hem).

This is ridiculous, I say. Ridiculous!

Had Manley criticized the writing style or content, that would be fine. But he didn't. In fact, he avoids steering readers away from the post (as he did another writer's review). He even further links to the best of list I did, where it would be fair cop to say I didn't say much about the book. He could've criticized the conclusions I arrived at, but he didn't. He didn't even really criticize my brevity, simply called attention to it.

But what he called attention to was fallacy. Pure fallacy. And it's simply unforgivable, what he did.

Seriously, I spend all day mining coal and smelting iron. When I come home, I expect a little gratitude. Just a little sugar. Instead, it's "Oh, I wish it was longer! Oh, Rob Clough's is much thicker and goes deeper!" There's just no pleasing some people.

By the way, you should totally read Manley and Clough's reviews, as they're quite good.


Blogger Joey said...

Dude! Sorry! No offense was meant. I just try to say something clever about each of the reviews, to pique people's interest and get them to click over and read them. That was what I thought of to say about your review. No offense was intended.

How's that for a flame?


10:06 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...


I'm not really offended. I mostly thought it was funny. And thanks for the link.

This was the worst flame war ever...

11:38 PM  

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