Friday, April 27, 2007


It occurred to me that I didn't actually HAVE Graphic Novel Review (or The Daily Cross Hatch) in my sidebar, because when I've looked at it (them), I looked at it (them) from work, where I'm blocked from actually using my own blog.

Anyway, my flame war might've been more explosive if I had. Then I could've made a big show of removing the link for a day or two (well, a couple hours). Oh well, live and learn.

Also, certain aspects of those sites are blocked at work (which is all part of our arbitrary blocking settings), so it's probably a good idea to have the links handy at home. Hey, look: There's art on them there pages. Who knew?

I also forgot to post (a couple posts back) that I also got a prize in my crackerjacks as part of the Belasco collection. You can see it here. Original painted Killer Moth, baby.


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