Saturday, April 21, 2007


If there was an Olympic game for killing hard drives, it would be called the Hardathalon. And I would be the Hardathalon Gold Medalist. I could hear it going in my tower all week, and then it took an hour and a half to boot it up this morning. That's the first one I've killed on that computer. I killed three on the previous machine.

I'm sure the smoking and the candles lit to hide the smell of smoke and the not dusting all contribute to these murders, but I've been killing home electronics for decades. So, some things died long before I could curupt them with carcinogenic dustups. Boom boxes, stereos, vcrs, dvd players, walkmen, tvs. I'm sometimes surprised when a machine lasts 6 months.

Can't wait to waste half a day at Tekserve finding out what I already know, but I gotta be sure. I guess I'll finally beef my OS to 10.3 as well.

The downside is that I'm not going to be scanning any images until I do unless I hook my scanner up to my laptop. And I'm not doing that just yet out of principle. I'm not entirely sure what principle I'm standing upon, but I like the way it shake.

What wonders await you once I'm up and running again? New lettering style is one. I was a bit disappointed by the way the letters looked on the last book. Finding the right technique has alluded me for forever.

I decided to scan a page from the latest Fell, with Chris Eliopoulos' computer font and stick a few of his word balloons onto one of my panels at 100%. Then I blew that up to the size I'm drawing at. For some reason, I light tabled a printout of this with a sheet of graph paper. It turns out that Eliopoulos scales to exactly 1/5" high with a 1/10" space between lines. And my graph paper is subdivided into tenths. Very weird, but convenient. That meant that I could just figure out all my text on the graph paper. Whoah.

The next problem was figuring out what to draw the letters with. I decided that the 659 nibs I finished off with last issue were part of my disaffection with it. I went out to pick up some D-4 Speedballs, the nibs with the turned up tip for smooth writing. Unfortunately, the D-4 is WAY too wide. It looked so small in the store, but it was enormous when I tried it out. If I had a nickel...

Had to look at my home selection of tools for solutions. Right now, I'm kind of happy with the way the #2 brush is working out. Color me shocked. It's not perfect, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how it looks scaled down.

Speaking of ch-ch-ch-changes, I redid the background for the first two pages again. I think I finally nailed it. We'll see. Also, I'm working on tracing vellum again. Haven't done that since EMAW #4. It's been fun so far.

Still aiming for a MoCCA de Butte, even as that deadline gets increasingly improbable.


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