Sunday, April 08, 2007


I have an interesting problem, as I work out the next issue. The cover. The thing, I think, that made the cover for #8 was finding an image that was "missing" from the book itself. It was a chance to feature something from the first "big moment" of the main story that could use a little expansion.

Well, the next book is going to be very gag heavy. Lots of little cymbal hits on the main beats. So many, I'm actually moving my big anchor to the back of the meat. For close to a year, it was my opening splash, and now I'm moving it to the end. It's so crazy, I'm mixing metaphors like nuts and gum.

It should be interesting to figure out what it's going to be.

I'm also certain that I'm not going to be able to deliver 43 pages of comics by MoCCA. That's ok. I've been wanting to backmatter the book, all Ellisfractiony, anyway. I think this thumbnailed script with some annotations is a good place to start. Show the I-Beams beneath the brickface, in a similar way (but expanded) to the blog.

If I do that, I should also mitigate another problem. I estimate that EMAW #8 should lose at least $4 in ink costs alone per issue sold. Nevermind paper costs, labor, drawing supplies, etc. Just the printer ink on pages that actually get bound. I think that back-mattering the next one up should use less ink. Lose a bit less money. Not that I mind losing the money, I'd just like to have some left over to make more. Some day, I'd even like to find a way to break evens without jackin' price too high.

Interesting problems.


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