Monday, April 23, 2007


Okay, I KNOW I was one of many people waiting for the snow and cold rains to end so that spring could get it's warm on, but did it really NEED to be in the mid 80s today? I was ill-prepared for summershock.

I also didn't get a chance to eat lunch today, because I had some unnecessarily complicated work to do in the office. It took me four hours to do something that should've taken one or half of one, really. Maybe fifteen minutes. But our client gave us a form in Excel, the stupidest, most non-versatile program ever devised. Why on the earths would someone make a program that actually defies printouts? That has almost no functionality? Really, if PCs weren't so cheap for so long, no one in their right mind would use them. Stupid machines with stupid software.

Of course, the owners of our company could make my life a lot easier. They have standard answers for these forms that I have to read every month or so. And every time I have to correct the same spelling and grammatical errors because they NEVER use the corrected pieces. They just resubmit their same English-as-a-foreign-language text pieces. No one even bothers to run spellcheck on the damn things.

And we were still without coffee in the office for most of the day. That was two weeks of pain and annoyance. So, I was starving, caffeine-deprived and nicotine fiending and working in the most inefficient manner possible. Then some of my co-workers decided to throw a hissy fit because what I was doing meant I wouldn't be able to do their work for those hours. Their work that never came by my desk, mind you.

By the end of the day, my body must've time traveled back to Friday, because I felt stoned out of my mind. Heat, starvation, stimulant deprivation, staring at a computer for hours — my brain went kablooey. I pretty much swooned through the last couple hours there.

Marcos picked up Kim Deitch's Alias the Cat! last week. I thought about borrowing his, eventually, but I couldn't resist buying it myself when I saw that awesome cover. Teensie-weensie image here.

wrote, "If you like last year's Shadowland collection, do not hesitate to pick this one up." So, I didn't. Because I do. I'm only about halfway though it now, but I think this is his absolute bestest book yet. I didn't read the original serialization, so this is all new to me. New and wonderful. Can't wait to finish it.


Blogger robsiemsen said...

sounds tough...they makin you use both words AND numbers?

feel bad for ya...did they add a bunch of work and not give you any people?

7:15 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

This was a proposal for Jan, making it double crap.

We actually got some people, but they're new and untested. And I should have two more proofreaders, one for me and another for Colgate. Also, some of the people there are fucktards, as I'm sure you remember.

9:07 PM  
Blogger robsiemsen said...


seph needs a real proofrdr...they just dont know it yet...the one they have is young (20) and though nice doesn't really "proof" so much as prepare copy for the copy people...couple more major mistakes and I'll begin making the case...

people there are friggin awesome

9:29 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...


7:54 PM  

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