Sunday, April 08, 2007


That's how Marcos described the appearance of my apartment. The sad thing is, I've been CLEANING. Bit by bit, two steps forward and one step back with an animated cat, but cleaning nonetheless. Alright, that's not the sad thing, the sad thing is that he was being nice.

Job's been a bit on my back this week, but I managed to spend a fair amount of time writing the next issue. Or, rather, re-writing. I thought I'd start re-writing before drawing this time. Measuring twice before cutting seven. Should be ready to start image posting soon.

You know that dream where you show up naked at the blogosphere and you've forgotten where you put the dog that ate your homework and everyone is pointing at you because you forgot your lines? Yeah, that's how I've felt this weekend.

Jog posted a link to my Best Of 2006 lists and suddenly I'm Leonard Cohen getting a mention in a Nirvana song.

I haven't gotten so many hits since that night I woke up in in Bellvue with hand-sized contusions on my neck. Many thanks to Jog for giving up the worst best-kept secret on these here internets: my words.

And just in case you thought it was safe to not read the comments section, he drops some news I'd not heard in those to part 2. The next Mome is going to be something we'll all want to buy.

In news of here, I've updated the sidebar. One-third of my regular readers requested that I include links to some of my more notorious posts. So, them's there for easy reference.

I've also redone the outside links, bunched 'em up in one long alphabetized list. Added a few things I click regular. Regretfully deleted a few that have been discontinued, officially or 'oh, come on!'. Changed Tom Spurgeon back from Floopie Spurge. That sort of thing.

It's thrill a minute here at the squater's.


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