Monday, April 23, 2007


With my desktop crashed, I'm sort of limited as to what music I can listen to while I'm working. Luckily, I loaded up a 15Gb iPod a few weeks ago (I can't use the 80Gb iPod until I update to Tiger, which is OS 4, not 3. I missed 3 entirely). But I couldn't put anything on that iPod that was purchased off the iTunes store, because it runs on an even older version of iTunes (it was my sister's iPod from...2004?), I could only import songs burned from cds or acquired on iTunes 4 (I think).

Anyway, that means I can't listen to my whole library, which kinda sucks. However, there is some good stuff on there. Including some prime Ghostface. I was struck by how great the beats are on the first few tracks of More Fish. The first track in particular marries an awesome beat to Ghost's Fishy crime story delivery. More Fish is a pretty good outtake+ album, like Radiohead's Amnesiac, but I think the Theodore Unit tracks are a bit unnecessary. There's a reason I have all the Ghostface albums and don't have the Theodore Unit album. Side posses just never turn out that great, do they?

Anyway, the post title comes from the greatest chorus on one of the greatest rap albums of all time, Apollo Kids from Supreme Clientele:

A-yo, this rappin's like ziti
facin' me real TV
crash at high speeds
strawberry kiwi
as we approach yo herb, the gods bail
these Staten Island ferryboat cats bail
Fresh cellies, 50 thief up in the city
we banned for life
Apollo kids live to spit the real

I'm not even sure that's stream of consciousness. It's Ghost of consciousness.

Inks are done on pages 1-3, putting me closer to my schedule than I thought I'd be, when the weekend began, at this point. Of course, I should get further behind once I start drawing the parade. But I'm definitely flowing now. This weather has been a huge help. The rain was just killing my brain. And I love the fact that the windows are still open at 3AM. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some serious plow this week and actually catch up to where I'm supposed to be.

I think it's all good stuff in there, too. Although, looking at my thumbs, I realize why I found myself paced for 13 panels instead of 12 on the first two pages. I was writing out the dialog and kept running into this weird hurdle at the end. I think I should've turned panels 1 & 2 into one panel. That would've given me a bit more space at the end. But, now, I think I got the gag to work, so I'm only looking back in my rearview.

Anyway, my schedule has me finishing the week after MoCCA. And that's no good. I want to have 8 & 9 FOR MoCCA. And it's now only 2 months away. My very optimistic schedule has me finishing a week before MoCCA, which would be splendid. My supercalafragilistic schedule has me finishing at the end of May. If I can do that, then there might be a little something added to the book. We'll see. There will be hints about that once I start posting pages again.

Oh, that reminds me, I figured out how to solve a problem I was having scanning work onto my laptop. I should be ready to go on that front tomorrow. There's something I've been meaning to scan for a while now, and I'll start with that.

And I've heard news from APE that the fifth issue of Hecter the Collector debuted there this weekend, that's put a smile on my face.


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