Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Man, Lost went all Ballard on us. After it went all Las Vegas. After it went all Star Trek II. And after it was the best episode of 24. That was nerdtacular television.

Now, it's good-bye tv until 2008, pretty much.

I haven't blogged in couple days, been keeping the puter at work for digitals. And at home I've been doing the one thing no one thought I'd ever do — cleaning. Seriously, this is the cleanest the apartment's been in nearly a year. Good-bye, filth.

Now, I've got more EMAW to do. And more cleaning. And I'm up for How Did This Happen? panel 13. Hopefully, I'll talk more comics this weekend, as I've read some and went on my most mainstream of purchases this week.

Also, it seems that something went wacky in the mails and I never got something I was supposed to get and I didn't realize that it was time for me to get it and now I've ruined another friendship. I'm just no good at this.


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