Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Most search engine hits to this blog come from people googling Hypatia Lee or Esther Baxter. This always kind of surprises me. Yes, there is a post each featuring these ladies, but still...

So, I googled them myself. It appears that I'm #10 on the google page for Hypatia Lee (not for Hyapatia Lee, her more common stage name). Wow. Unfortunately, my post comes right after one saying she was a racist for not wanting to perform with black actors. That's sad and disappointing, if true. Oh well, pornstars not living up to certain standards probably shouldn't be too much of a shocker.

I don't show up until page 5 in an Esther Baxter search, but I'm number one with bullets in an Esther Baxter Honey search. Awwwww, snap.

I went through 40 google pages and still couldn't find me in a Batgirl Raped search, so I have no idea where that semi-weekly hit comes from. Someone really tenacious, I guess. Maybe it's for a term paper.

Saw this at Neilalien's site.

It' in to Corey Lewis, Becky Cloonan and Becky Cloonan (again) thinking out loud about the viability of OGN work, and coming out more or less against it. Heidi MacDonald gets a few more voices into the mix. He also links to blog@newsarama's link post on the subject. DO NOT FOLLOW THAT LAST LINK UNLESS YOU ARE DOING RESEARCH INTO THE MASOCHISM OF BRIAN WOOD OR HATE BRIAN WOOD WITH AN UNDILUTED PASSION. He does his best to explain why and wherefores of Lewis and Cloonan's positions to newsarama posters. It's a kingdom of the blind trying to assassinate the two-eyed king.

Anyway, the pamphlet vs. ogn debate is much more interesting in this context, because these are creators with experience in both modes talking about what is best for them. This isn't marketing enthusiasts or crazy fans or even inexperienced minicomic/webcomickers. In a lot of ways, the fact that there are so many options available at the moment is a good thing. I tend to think the comics world would start to suck if there were fewer avenues to pursue. When everyone starting heading to the web, declaring it the 'answer', I got a little nervous. When everyone started heading toward graphic novels and the bookstores, I got hella nervous. Imagining a world with no market determination (the web) or twenty feet of look-a-like shelf space (bookstores, with attendant comic shop closures) is like imagining an apocalyptic future where comics fully transform into something resembling the poetry market.

Now THAT'S terrifying.

Now, back to work on my serialized minicomic...


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