Monday, May 21, 2007


Just some of the things people are looking for on google when they find this blog:

marcus blassingame
— this one comes up frequently...

matt weigle — nice

blablazo super — YES!

piss fetish — DOUBLE YES! It worked!

t — who does this? what are they looking for? How high up the google list am I for 't'?

squirrel flute — Kelso! Except... well... hmmm...

hypatia lee the masseuse
— payin' my bills

3A — Really?

paping comic — nice

3A — who can't get enough of my wonderful 3A stories? They keep looking and keep finding me. Going on and on and on about 3A. It's my favorite topic.

mantoys sex
— Sex Mantoys is my new name. Forget all those other colorful nicknames you've given me. From now on, I respond only to Sex Mantoys. Sex Mantoys: He does what the package says. Wait. Wait a second. Sex Mantoys: Agent Provocateur. His boss is The Package, and he does what he says. I think I've just reinvented the gay spy thriller and gave it a flanged base.

earth quicks — I think this is a DC Universe planet where everyone except Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, Professor Zoom and Wally West has access to the speed force. (I can't believe I know all those names. I don't think I've ever actually read a Flash comic in my life — although I reallyreallyreally want to get that Showcase book that just came out.)

Bettie Ballhaus dancing — the bills pile up, and she knocks 'em down

el blablazo game show — more puppet game show goodness, although not the Super celebrity version

Earth quicks — even with a capital E, I still think you're spelling 'quakes' wrong. Two time!

dj kaled we takin' over — I just listened to this again today. Still enjoyable. I love T.I. too much.

beutiful women vampires comics
— from the people who brought you 'earth quicks'? I really should do more comics about beautiful women vampires. Or, at least, do more beautiful women vampires. Earth quicks, indeed. That's the planet I'd be living on if I was. Sex Mantoys' 3A squirrel flute would be reduced to looking like the Cup and Ball game.

I need to go to bed before that last sentence makes sense.


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