Friday, May 11, 2007


Wonderful. My plan of doing side projects has resulted in my busiest day in a while. Busy doin' straight main project. Take that, brain!

I also updated a bunch of my laptop's software, stared up the iTunes, got the rest of the latest Modest Mouse disc...

Every time I think they can't completely circumvent my expectations, they find the vent of circum. I never know what to make of they're crazy shenanigans anymore. They brought in Johnny Marr and what did Johnny Marr bring? The Edge, apparently. Whu-huh? Also, I think they've been listening to some Gypsy Kings and some new wave. It will take many listens to get it all figured out. But the Brock brings the wordplay, grounding it all in the familiar weirdness.

I also bought the new Bjork, which previews pretty sweet. I'll give full listens this weekend. I was interested in the new NIN, but that didn't preview so sweet.

And my co-worker's husband provided me with the cd single of R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt" w/ T.I. and T-Pain. It's pretty good, but I want more Trapped in the Closet! Kells! Get on it!

And I checked out the itune's video previews onetime, looking at the hits. Fabulous has a new single that was pretty underwhelming. I'll look deeper into this DJ Kaled though. "We Takin' Over" sounds pretty hot. And one of the top videos is... Bone, Thugs-n-Harmony? When the hell did they come back??? And most people buying singles these days appear to be 12-year olds shipped in from 1988, judging by some of the other hits.

Man, I been gone too long.


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