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I still haven't gotten my desktop puter fixed, and the music on my ipod was starting to wear a little thin. Let me tell you, after a couple weeks, 15 gigs of music gets old, especially when most of that music has been in my collection for 5-10 years. I needed to spice things up a bit, but didn't want to download the same stuff I already had. What to do...what to do...

I decided that I should go on another Metal spree. There hasn't much indie rock, oldie rock, hip-hop or R&B to come out in the past few weeks and I run pretty deep on that shit on the busted puter. But metal? There's always crazy weird corners of metal to discover.

I went online, looking for lists. LISTS! Best Of 2006 lists, I figured would be plentiful and full of loopy names I'd never heard of. Well, the lists I found certainly were full of loopy names, but the lists themselves were not plentiful. Maybe I used the wrong keywords. Oh well.

I did find some stuff, though. Even if too many lists leaned toward classic/glam/prog metal for my tastes. It's a shame, because the sonics on a lot of those albums were pretty great, but I can't stand the sort of vocalists those sort of bands attract. I can't get my fist punch goin' strong or keep my head bang serious when those guys are oooohing and ahhhhhing all operatic like. I know metal owed a great dept to pioneers like Sabbath, Maiden and Queen; but debt paid, y'know? Move on! Also, an a cappella metal act is a funny novelty — not an innovative next step! Barbershop metal sounds awesome only when it goes no further than sounding exactly like the words 'barbershop metal'. In practice, it sounds like something that should've stayed a running joke whenever you're high. Also, excluding freaking MASTODON from your lists is shameful.Their Blood Mountain was all neckedy neck with T.I.'s King for best album of the year, in my book. Of ALL albums. And I miss it.

nayway, check out some of these loopy names:

Amon Amarth — With Odin On Our Side
Bal-Sagoth — The Chthonic Chronicles
Behemoth — Demigod
Behemoth — Thelema.6
Celtic Frost — Into the Pandemonium
Celtic Frost — Monotheist
Communic — Waves of Visual Decay
Deicide — Legion
Demiricous — One (Hellbound)
Eyes of Fire — Prisons
I — Between Two Worlds
Isis — In Abscence of Truth
Isis — Oceanic
Isis — Panopticon
Legion of the Damned — Malevolent Rapture
Sepultura — Arise
Sepultura — Beneath the Remains
Sepultura — Chaos A.D.
Vader — The Beast

Okay, the best names went to bands that didn't sound that great. Also, I knew Sepultura, but I think I've either only heard their very old stuff or their more recent stuff. These are supposed to be their best albums, and what I've heard so far sounds sweet.

Amon Amarth is awesome. I was a little nervous about all the Viking stuff at first, but they insist it's not a racist thing but a 'Vikings!' thing. Really, racists have ruined Vikings for too long. TOO LONG! Anyway, it's great death metal, pretty thrashy stuff with songs about Vikings! that don't sound stupid and Lord of the Ringsy. Also, there's a song about going to war with the Irish. Which is like ending your album with a teddy bear.

Bal-Sagoth is possibly the most ridiculous band ever. These guys heard the Call of Cthulu and went nutz. There's crazy narration, grind-core rapping, death metal speed crizzy and transitions, and swirly symphonic keyboards. It shouldn't work, and I shouldn't listen too closely to the lyrics, but the sound is epic.

Celtic Frost is also crazy. Almost a punk sound to the vocals (with some dreaded melody crap) except when the French woman show up and it sounds like French lounge. The music is mostly an 80sish metal sound with Sabathy sludge — except when they get all industrial or go nearly Melvins. And they do a cover of Mexican Radio!!!!

The rest, I've yet to full listen, but I'm looking the forwards.


Blogger doomer said...

You like Isis? You should check out Inner Surge. Pretty good list.

5:30 PM  

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