Saturday, June 02, 2007



Jesus, Judas and Buddha! I think I got it to 32 pages! So, only 20 to draw! oy...

What does this mean? Well, the page that was supposed to be the first page of the second chapter and became the first page of this, the FIFTH chapter, then turned into the final page of THIS chapter is now getting pushed to somewhere in the SEVENTH or EIGHTH chapter! OUCH!

I just came to page 32 and realized it made the perfect chapter break. I could push it out to bring it all together, but the daunting task of finishing 20 pages before publishing is less than that of finishing 28+ pages before then.

Besides, that was just a different cliffhanger. I like this one better. Especially since it has an actual cliff in the image — whoo-hoo!

Okay, the plan for tonight is to do that one last lingering panel and maybe scan what remains to scan. Then, tomorrow, I begin the new pages. JOY!


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