Monday, July 02, 2007


My laptop has shut down on me 10 times in the past 15 minutes. So, I've switched over to my desktop, which I expect to start crashing once it realises I've reactivated the Egyptian mummy curse that powers it.

The good thing is that the laptop doesn't 'feel' like a harddrive issue, but a battery/processor issue. This is good because I have diligently managed to NOT backup all of issue 9 and and of the How Did This Happen panels anywhere. So, here's hoping that's all safe.

The first thing I'm doing tomorrow is buying a gigagig external drive and backing all my ass up. If I can get the damn thing back on again.

Is this punishment for me wanting to scream at the people on line waiting for the iphone to go onsale outside my building? This weekend I fix the desktop — no more stalling. And then the laptop. And then I need to weep as I think about my bank account.


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