Thursday, August 02, 2007


69 hours without a cigarette. Because I'm 12.

Homicidal urges are much stronger right now. Even the random appearance of R. Kelly's new-jack "I Like the Crotch On You" isn't making me happy. Also, I'm starving (but I've switched to the higher-protein part of the cupboard, so I'm hoping it's more effective than the carb part). AND I've also got that hangover you get when you haven't had a drink in a week. But, after shifting from a 3000-calorie diet to 500, I don't think I could keep even a beer down. Also, I'd have to interact with people to GET a beer. I'm not sure I could do that without commiting murder.

I made my first trip to the coin exchange at Commerce Bank. I fully endorse it. No fee. The only hassle is everyone working there wants to help you. They really want to help you. It's a crazy place. The other hassle is that $107 in coins is heavy. Really heavy. Tomorrow's load will be much lighter. Tomorrow's load is also the clincher. The one that lets me pay my rent and the phone bill. And buy toilet paper.

Shit, anyone who loads their album up with skits should be forced to listen to them without access to any of their addictions. Fuck you, De La!


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