Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What a night!

I broke a flange off my last No.99 Japanese nib on that Quiet Bird-Man drawing. Then I split my last Hunt 107 on a word balloon. I almost stopped for the night, but I found a fresh Hunt 102 — never used! That took a little getting reaccustomed to. I had gotten used to the very flexible and durable No.99.

I actually prefer the line you get with the 102. It's got a bit more shape to it. The Japanese nibs last longer (you can even bend them back after you split them) and they give you a more consistent line. That's actually a bit of a problem for me. You don't get that sharpness you get with the 102. And that means you don't get those scallopped twists. But the 102s don't last long.

Also, my pen holder sucks. The hole is too wide (story of my life). I've got a little masking tape around the nib, but I can't get it to that perfect thickness. It's like I've got it Two Bearsed when I really need that Just Right.

I need to order a few boxes when I get back from Florida.

Anyway, the short of it is that I'm not getting this page done tonight.


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