Saturday, December 22, 2007



First of all, I love the Middian name. Everytime I see there name in my playlist, I think of the wrestler. And then I laugh a little. And then I wish I had an album by Gangrel. Or Viscera. Second of all, I'd heard OF Mike Scheidt's previous band, YOB, but I've never listened to them. I should.

Middian play what almost sounds like a mashup between classic Black Sabbath and Motorhead played at a much slower rpm. Even the vocals sound like finger-spun Lemmy co-existing with standard Ozzy. On top of that are some layered guitar effects from the progressive metal school, but the overall effect is dirge-like sludge with some post-rock ambitions toward beauty. But this isn't a cathartic experience, more like a long, dangerous half-crawl-half-climb. Robert De Niro climbing the cliff in The Mission only finding Mordor at the top instead of redemption. Even the screams sound as though they're being forced out, like they desperately want to be screamed above the noise, but that everything else is taking too much energy to spare on release.

Actually, it's a bit like those slow-motion shots of Chris Benoit winning a long, arduous submission match, covered in blood and trying really hard to lift the belt into the air from the mat.

It's good stuff. But I wonder if they go quite far enough...



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