Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm letting the white paint dry. I'll probably scan this page in tomorrow night.

So, there's this new cable arts-focussed network (like Bravo!) that's planning out its next season of programming and they want to come up with a new reality contest show that will fill out the year once Next Thespian and Poet Slam wrap up. The executives toss out ideas and then one of them mentions that in six months they're doing an entire month of movies based on comics, documentaries about comics, movies written by cartoonists, etc. and that it would be the perfect way to launch a comic book reality show. Yes. Yes. Great idea. Brilliant. Whatever.

And now they just need a name (that's how it is, even before figuring out the creative staff). So, what's the name? It's not Comic Book Idol. Not America's Next Top Cartoonist. Not Project Word Balloon. Not Top Funny Book Maker. Not Drawer Survivor. Not Who Wants to Be a Cartoonist. Not Graphic Novel Bachelor (although, that's a great blog name). Not Dancing with Mangaka (although I WOULD buy two copies of that if it happened, one to collect my enthusiasm fluids and one to read).

I need a good name! Dammit. This is a big part of what we do when writing lyrics for Suave Prospects. A lot of it is just coming up with different names for the same things. I need a pampers clamp for my Comic Book Reality show! I need help!

On another note, there's the contestants. Project Runway starts off with 16 with different backgrounds and eliminates one a week before having a showdown with the final three. That seems like a good number.

So, let's see. It's important that contestants fit certain stereotypes while being able to surprise us. That's how it works, right? So, these can mean whatever:

1. An anime/shonen Otaku.
2. A super hero fan.
3. A Fort Thundery person.
4. A D&Q-type.
5. An editorial cartoonist.
6. A web comicker.
7. A Diaryist.
8. A Heavy Metal sort.
9. An undergrounds fan.
10. A shojo fan.
11. A Jeff Smith wannabe.
12. A Juxtapoz illustrator.
13. A Kubert school fellow.
14. A nineties self-publishing type.
15. A Vertigo or Slave Labor goth.
16. Probably our unlikely winner. So, someone who works in a winner style. Befriends at least two of the other contestants, one of whom goes home halfway through. And one who makes it to the end along with the bad guy.

You could really expand this too. On the one hand, you could do it just like episodes of a show. On the other, you could really get into all the stuff that doesn't make it onto the air. And you could really get into the behind the scenes stuff with the producers and the executives. One of the execs even wants to bring the whole thing down and enlists the aid of an insider on the production staff.

I mean, you could do this — really do this — AND throw in every last possible cliche to boot. Which might not be that bad. It could actually help me reign in and do some straight up, old school storytelling instead of the ramblings I usually turn out.



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