Saturday, January 26, 2008


DMZ 27

This was a fill-in issue, a 'done-in-one', so it seemed like I'd lucked out as this was probably a good one to pick up. It was not.

First you have to look past Wood's "this is the dystopian future I always wanted!" set up. Then you have to look past the brush-pen art from wannabe Paul Pope/'check out my latest contribution to Meathaus' Nathan Fox. Then you have to look past the first half of the issue which is all dj drama at the club. Has there ever been a more compelling type of drama than dj drama?

Then you have to look past the obvious mistakes, like when one character asks another if they'd ever seen so many white people, and we haven't seen any!* And won't for a few more pages. Then there's the casting of Brooklyn-style neighborhood jingoists as heroes. Then there's the plot to blow up the club to generate album sales for the recorded dj set! Seriously!

Add in several speeches of philosophy garnered from slam poetry. And a tough-as-nails chick from the Upper West Side who says, "Yo, you got something for me? Or you just wanna stare at my perfect fuckin' tits all night?"

This was terrible.

*Well, I think might've been two white people on the previous page... it's hard to tell. Just about everybody looks like 95 year-old slasher victims and they're all colored brown (or green).

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