Saturday, January 26, 2008


Several months ago, Dark Horse put out a 25¢ issue of The Goon to get people to try it out. I did, and wasn't all that impressed. It was well done, but there was nothing all that special about it (except for Eric Powell's great cartoon stylization). Still, it was always in the back of my mind to try it out again. This week I did.

This was fantastic. It's extremely funny in a way that actually reflected the sense of humor my friends share (a few gags reminded me of Carl is the Awesome). The humor peaks pretty early with One-Armed Ham Man, but a living dead magician and the relationship between The Goon and his partner provide plenty more laughs.

The art is exceptionally strong with a polished, Harvey Kurtzman horror vibe. Nearly everything is composed immaculately, is uncomplicated and dances like a Warner Bros. cartoon. Dave Stewart moves away from the exceptional flat coloring he normally provides (Hellboy, Umbrella Academy) for a painterly, handmade feel (which I think is meant to evoke the coloring Powell used to provide himself).

If the contents of the 25¢ issue matched this one, I probably would've jumped on the Goon bandwagon a lot sooner. As it is, it seems that I picked a good time, since the series is now going monthly.

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