Tuesday, January 22, 2008



I never got into !!! when they first started. I admit that the idea of a slightly more disco-y disco-punk band back when the music world was littered with Brooklyn/London-endorsed disco-punk bands simply didn't appeal to me.

But I've finally given Three Exclamation Points a chance (I won't pronounce it AckAckAck or whatever), and my first reaction was, "yeah, that's sorta what I expected." And now, however many listens later, they still sound pretty much like what I expected — at certain times more than others. But what I really didn't expect though, was how much this would grow on me.

Now, by the time the My life in the Bush With Ghosts intro to Bend Over Beethoven comes on and I've already worn out the knees of my Bang Bang pants, the feather boa is in tatters and platform heels are worn down to flats. And that's not even the dancingest song on the album! In fact, it's much more of a psychedelic trip. A great mushroom dance song. That's not very disco OR punk.

Still, I've been built up by several fun, forgettable fluff tracks and now I'm letting my body stretch and contort around the studio and I'm ready to get my freak on. It's a nice workout. A sex aperitif of an album. Not a get ready for the down and dirty, so much as a get ready for legs in the air hootin' and hollerin, fall off the bed, and laugh when your neighbors yell through their ceiling sex.



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