Thursday, January 31, 2008



Holy crap. I am listening to the new Xiu Xiu right this very minute. And just hit the Under Pressure cover. Just before the song hit, I was thinking, "More than ANY Xiu Xiu album, this is the one that just could. not. work. on paper." No PAPER for Jamie Stewart! And now we've hit the first thing that should work on paper and they do it so that it can't work on paper.

This album is ridiculous. No twoways! All the sound collagers of the past couple years can go back to sound college, drop out and apply to sandwich college. And they can listen to the old hands do it crazy and better as the soundtracks to their back of the 7-11 days.

I haven't enjoyed a new album by an old band this much since Kid A. Not that they're the same at all (although you could make case). It's just that they A. Aren't really doing at all what they did when I fell in love with Knife Play B. they still sound like the same band (and still maintain that clear line back to 10 in the Swear Jar) C. they sound like they've been listening to everything cool that's come out in the past few years D. it's crazy. crazy.

Probably the best album of 2008. Prove me wrong.


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