Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Picked up the second Scalped trade. I was supposed to borrow the first one many months ago, but it got lost in the friend-lending sphere. I expect I won't have too much trouble figuring out what's what. It better be better than those other Vertigo book that are supposed to be good! (I bought Northlanders #2 last week. Oh sweet fucking serious lord of... oy)

Picked up Crawl Space: XXXombies #3. Is this some sort of story arc anthology series of miniseries things like all the Hellboys?

MODOK's 11 trade. I think the art might let this one down a little, but the writing on the first issue is good fun and Van Lente seems like he really has a good idea of how to play with the characters' powers.

No. 5 Vol. 1 by Tekkon Kinkreet's Taiyo Matsumoto. So far, this is pretty wild.

So much for my plan to pick up some of 2007's best in order to make a bigger public ass of myself!

Last week was Hellboy: Conqueror Worm as I work to correct a nearly ten-year lapse since reading the first series with John Byrne words.

Also, it was Crickets #2. I expect issue 3 a year or so after Kramer's Ergot #7. That's fine. Harkham really isn't doing work aimed at the book market at all here. It's very much a comic book/one-man art comic anthology thing. It is fun and well worth reading.

That other thing I mentioned above, and... Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari Rising: One of Four: By Ben Templesmith: Who Makes an Entire Issue of Waiting for Something to Happen: Actually Fun: It Probably Helps: That His Dirty Grotesque Glowing Technique of Actually Trying to Do Something in Photoshop: Fits a Series About Demon Characters Very Well. Also, he writes like Warren Ellis having fun.

OH! I knew I bought SOME art comic. Mome #11: Everything is now redable. Some of it still isn't great, but it was all readable. And it all felt cohesive. Maybe because it was the all-existential anguish issue. The serialized stories all seemed to be at good points to have only a few pages of story represented, if I'm still unsure about the cumulative value of most of them. Stars? Jim Woodring's fiinale was pretty awesome. I'd love to see a big, full-color version of this. Or, at least, an oversized collection. I think it's the first thing in Mome I can see making that transition. The kid really shows promise! Robert Goodin's fable adaptation was a great fusion of sesibilities. Kaczysnski's isn't his strongest, but it's still worth reading and he gives good interview (although I still wish Groth would put a little something extra into these — no, I don't know how else to put it).


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