Saturday, February 16, 2008


I haven't seen that one guy's new movie, but there was a time when the only movie those two guys ever made that was any good was Punch Drunk Love. Until I see that one guy's new movie, I'll assume that's still the case.

Anyway, I'm drunk enough now that I almost started calling exes, but then I visited Tom Spurgeon's site. And I followed the link over to the hottest Jim Steranko comic ever. I didn't even realise Marvel was still publishing romance comics in the 1970s. Also, I need to start building that dormant Steranko Library. Whatever, look at that story. It's full of business.

THAT took me over to this link, reminding me of that time I've heard about, when women were women and men wanted to be in them. And THAT had a link to this.


Truly, it was some glorious age. The sandal hadn't yet turned into the flipflop. The hat hadn't turned into the baseball cap. The shirt hadn't turned into the Insert Football Team Here sweatshirt. Makeup was used on the face, rather than as some sort of decorative clutter for the top of the dresser. The thigh was was like some personal celebration every woman took with them wherever they went.

Damn you, Tom Spurgeon. Damn you, for reminding me.


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