Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dick Hyacinth has THE TOP 100 REVIEWED COMICS OF 2007 meta-list up. Wrongs have been righted, up is up again. Down is now closer to the middle. Cats are no longer sleeping with dogs...

Let me be the very last person in the world to wish neilalien a happy 8-year blogiversary. I have no idea what I was doing on February 25th, 2000. neilalien was making the world stranger. Give the guy some bronze! Or bronzer, they don't get much son in his parts this time of year.

I'm on imeem now. I can't figure out how to make it work the way I think it's supposed to. Or make it do what I want. Even if I do, I doubt I'll social network there much. Marcos talks about it like it's the second coming or something.

Speaking of Marcos, this guy without thumbs is enraged to be married. What a country!

Now I know why I don't link-blog. This is exhausting.

I got the new Comics Journal. It's easier to carry, but you have to crack the spine with more brute strength in order to read those words on the inside. There were only 15 Best Of 2007 lists. I think, if they're committed to this multiple list business, they should maybe have a few more? I don't know. A quarter of the way through the issue, and it's pretty good. Nice to see Nick Bertozzi get a short interview. Although, was it done by email? I'm never sassified.

Forbidden Planet, NY has a whole bunch of copies of EMAW #9! They didn't ask for them, but they have all the copies I meant to mail out to other people. They also have a pretty good supply of the first 8 issues (that they DID order). Sometimes I'm surprised I make it into work with pants on every day. Clearly, getting me into pants each morning is some bed fairy's job, because I can't be trusted to do it on my own.

Jeff Smith arms might be the new Ditko hands. I'm just saying.


Blogger N said...

Thanks, Justin!


8:56 AM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Eight more years! Eight more years!

6:36 PM  

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