Saturday, February 09, 2008


So, I'm watching last Wednesday's Daily Show on the internet (I'm assuming it's the same show they aired on tv with the bumpers and edges trimmed a bit) and I learn that the CNN I watched online on Super Tuesday may not have been the CNN people with cable watched on Super Tuesday. This is disappointing.

TV viewers missed the whole show! The Ghengis Hair, the head that ate Cloverfield, the anchor who thought the news was a hair salon tour that leaves every 15 minutes... possibly the blonde chick from the Naked News (the one with the Roman nose). I feel sorry for the tv watchers. But I'm mostly disappointed because I can't think of any reason why CNN would have different broadcasters for tv and the web. Isn't that some sort of incredible waist? Or is this like a hardcore title battle royale where you try to get as many anchors into the big pay-per-view as possible even though they have no storylines of their own?

I'm also disappointed that the Daily Show was filming in Union Square just before Super Tuesday. They did this on Sunday, didn't they? Just to fuck with me. They shot on the one day I wasn't there. Fuckers.

A third disappointment. Well, not a disappointment, so much as a question. It's been years since I didn't smoke, so I need to ask, does the vein in the left temple usually throb like a speaker stack at a rave all the time, or am I just experiencing some brutally abnormal physical withdrawls? It's not that it hurts so much as it feels like I've got a coin-fed mattress for a skull.


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