Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Watchin live cable on the internets. I saw a report by some British dude on what surfers think of the election that fell just short of a John Oliver Daily Show story.

And I could almost swear that at one of CNN's reporters used to be on The Naked News. The one at McCain headquarters.

New Jersey went to Clinton. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Just disapointed. What happened youth of americans? Delaware! We lose to Delaware for Obamalove!

CNN's New York anchor has hair that could conquer the world. It's out of control!

God is very angry with Mike Huckabee and is trying to destroy Arkansas with tornadoes. I guess he's endorsing Romney too.

Who is Mick Kane? When was Romney the Mayor of Massachusetts. In what way can you consider Massachusetts and Delaware neighboring states?

Why is the news filled with crazy giant heads? Nicole Lapin has landed on our world, and she's crunching numbers without names.


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