Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Jack Staff #14

There are times when I really don't see why it's in color, but it's still good. The color doesn't detract at all, I'm just not always clear on the point. Maybe simply just for the times when the color is more important? Of course, when Zipper Nolan was introduced, I wasn't sure what his purpose was either. Was it just because The Sweeny had a young partner? And now I see what his purpose is: to bring some serious weird. MONTHLY!

The Goon #21

This was so much better than issue 20, and I loved issue 20 enough to start reading this series regularly. The bear. The colossal transvestite. The face hat. Smelly Steve. The sheep. The whole look of the thing, like exactly what you wished a Jack Davis/Harvey Kurtzman comic would look like if those guys were in their 20s today. I'm in love. I'm all shook up. ALSO MONTHLY!

Fantastic Comics #24

The next issue project. Erik Larsen! Bill Sienkienwicz, Thom Yeates,Andy Kuhn, Tom Scioli, Jim Rugg, Brian Maruca, Fred Hembeck, Milk Allred, Ashley Wood. This is actually really nicely put together. I like the Golden Age size, I love the Sin City paper (it's my favorite of papers!), I like the fact that it's full of cartoonists I like but rarely get comics from (for reasons beyond aesthetics), it's a little more tongue in cheek/deconstructuralist than Larsen has let on in some of his online pieces. I'm three stories in and so far it's what it says it is. It's these guys doing their takes on these characters, pointing out the obvious problems in the concept and then changing things to make these the sort of comics they might want to work on.

However, I get the off-register color gag, and I wouldn't complain about it, BUT

I also picked up Popeye Vol. 2

(my first) and WHY? Why the off register color? Isn't this a little like shooting an ancient greek epic amongst the ruins of the Parthenon? I really wish the color was fixed on these (I have the same problem with all reprints that don't fix this... like I Will Destroy All the Civilized Planets ad Art Out of Time). You're simply replicating an error. You're not recapturing the colorist's intent. You're not displaying the art in an acurate fashion. You're making it more difficult to appreciate Segar's lines and forms. Aside from that, this is a mamoth book with a fat-ass, die-cut cover and I'm sure I'll oove every minute of it.

Zombies vs. Chris Ryall Robots vs. Ashley Wood Amazons #2

Because I've been meaning to read one of these Wood books for a while.

Reich #1

A cartoonist I've wanted to read combined with a subject matter that's fascinated me since Robert Anton Wilson started writing about him. Looking forward to this.

Little Things

Marcos slipped this into my stack so he wouldn't have to buy it. He's a turd. This is the Trondheim diary comic NBM put out last year. I forgot all about it. NBM really needs to hire a marketing person. Why don't they do that?

Oh, I borrowed the first two issues of The Incredible Hercules (Incredible Hulk #112 and indicialess #113)

It is the opposite of Iron Fist: an actually good super hero comic. Really nice, clean clear art that conveys all the things you need in a super hero comic (unfortunately, the penciller is moving on to Mighty Avengers and the colorist passed away on Monday) and fairly clever writing. It's low on the ironic distance, lacking in the dreaded first-person narration, clear in its action, direct in its intent, assured in its characterizations, comfortable in its world, sophisticated in its storytelling, complex in its building conflicts... it's very much what people who talk about good super hero comics should be talking about.

And I read the first two collections of Scalped (not self-contained arcs at all!). I'm not sure what to make of this series. Everything really good about it seems to be at odds with things that don't work for me at all. I suspect I'll pick up the third collection and see... there's enough to get me to do that.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

oh come now!

i handed the book to you saying "do you want to look?"...i didnt slip it into your stack.

YOU put it in your stack without looking at it, and though i would've bought it had you not, I didn't really care enough to drag it out of your clutches.

im not to blame for what's in your stack!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

My stack wasn't in reading position! You showed it to me, closed it and then slipped into my stack at my side.

You're like some kind of put-pocket.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Marcos Perez said...

i imagine the coloring on them old books was mostly financial,

they just scanned da shitz.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Yeah, but there's also this messed up 'authenticity' rationalle I've seen batted about as well. Not that I'm accusing anyone of that. Just that I've seen it applied.

6:13 PM  

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