Sunday, February 24, 2008


12 hours in. 1 Page of Secret February is done. Second drafts of Action Thing? 6 pages in a can. Tomorrow at 1, I'll post a photograph with everything all in a spread of accomplishment.

Also, I ate lunch and dinner and finished my second week in my return to exercise.

And I had a dream, last night. I, my four brothers(!) and my parents (the parents of my dreams, at least) were all responsible for the defections of a Soviet choir. Then I woke up sad, even though I'm sure we succeeded (with a little help from a vinyl recording of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs). But I became sad when I realized that no one defects anymore. Defection was such a bread and butter staple of Cold War fictions and biopics. But no longer. And I wish defection would come back. Are their no scientists trapped behind enemy lines anymore? No more musical prodigies? No more Olympic greats?

Someone must want to defect, somewhere. And some unlikely person should help them. Get to it! Bring back defection!


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