Sunday, March 16, 2008


The 24th Hexagram in the I Ching is Return. It's marked by a tradition from the 23rd Hexagram — the Things Fall Apart one. The don't even bother getting out of bed one. The 24th is the just back back from some times and you've made a new decision. Stick to it, no matter what inspired the decision, and things will go splendidly.

I wish I could say I just cast those particular bones, but I didn't toss any. Still, I'm back, babies. I've returned.

I've decided to shelve the music of 2007 thinking out loud business. March 08 is getting long in the tooth and I've added more and I keep adding more bands for possible considerations (MGMT, Bloc Party and Year of No Light) while trying to keep up with the Atlas Sounds and Why?s of 2008. It's time to move on!

So, it is with heavy head and hands I do it.

Plus, I need to be doing some serious John Blaze 'n' shit on the comics. And I gotta print some books. And I've got to get ready for shows. And there's a wedding upcoming. And a baby on the way. And bottles and bottles of wine to drink (2005 Blackstone Syrah, put it on your table and hear no complaints — seriously).

Ok. Depending on my pen, I'll have page up today.


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