Sunday, April 06, 2008


Open up my itunes today and what do I find? 7/8 of my music vanished. All my playlists vanished. Apparently, my library got corrupted. And this is the sort of crap I hate. Half the point of Macs is avoiding stupid-ass problems like these. So, after checking to make sure all my files are still on the computer, I turned to the web to find a solution to my dilemna. The internet recomends going into a "previous library" folder and restarting itunes from there. Luckily, I have one in there from March 31! Yay. Still pissed I have to do this at all, but willing to play. I restart itune from that file. I get the same result. I can't find anything online to help with my problem except people admonishing others for not backing these things up. Fuck that. I shouldn't have to do that. It's the whole point of things like itunes. I'm not supposed to have to think about this shit.

Ultimately, I wind up taking my entire music folder and redumping it into itunes. This takes forever and I still don't have my playlists. At least file changes I made are retained (so I don't have to search through unnamed tracks trying to resplice Kenny's Sour Apes). But my 2007 playlist? Gone. My 2008 playlist? Gone. My ultimate party mix? Gone. Wu mix? Gone. New Suave album mixes? Gone. Wuzopera? Gone. Word is Crime? Gone. Cool like that? Gone. All Metal? Gone. Bar Dream? Gone.

Annoyance? Not gone. Not gone at all.


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