Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So, due to some negligence on my part, I found myself in a fairly hands-off position in the printing of my comics today. What to do? I could staple one copy of one book. I could try to watch a few episodes of City of Men. I could get some drawing done. I could get some writing done. OR I could use my newly working laptop to make some sweet music.

I did the last one. My first music piece in years. Garage Band is awesome. They actually made a music program designed especially for people like me. People with no musical skill whatsoever who dream of making the biggest, gayest dance music in the world. You can go in and change individual notes! Not just change the octave or the volume or something, but change the length! The positioning withing the measure! The pitch! Delete erroneous fat-finger mistakes! Disguise rhythm impairment! There's no end to the available tweaking! Every time I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could do this?" it would let me do it, and then it would let me do more!!! Insane. And it's completely intuitive (unlike, say, imovie)!

I know the program is ancient in computer terms, but I just used it for the first time today. You're old whore is my new love.

I don't know how to put music on here, otherwise I'd let you hear my 3 hours of genious condensed into 3 minutes. I tried making a little video for it, but imovie sucks a little.

Oh well. Get yourself a bright-red drink, take your shirt off, flex those abs and pretend you're on some Miami Beach rooftop listening to my racket. That's what I'm doing.

Then I'm going to bed.


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