Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The hum of dueling printers fades. The throb of Ellen Allien fills the air. A bottle of merlot gets dangerously close to empty.

I still have to fold a bunch of books tonight. And I still have some printing to do tomorrow. Plus stapling and folding. I'm trying to have enough books done for this show and whatever else follows in the next month or so.

Cliff Face Comics will be at New York Comic-Con. All three days. Just look for Marcos Perez on your show atlas. We'll be in artist alley; I know that much. I won't have anything new if you saw me at SPX. If you didn't, I'll have new shit!

Fanfare/Potent Mon will be at the show. maybe I'll finally get The Ice Wanderer. And the next Jiro Taniguchi book!

And Steranko will be there. I will get hair care tips from Steranko.

I'm planning on being at Kettle of Fish on Christopher St. Saturday night after the show. Planning.

Now I'm going to get some candy bars so I don't start smoking again.


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