Monday, April 14, 2008


I haven't used my laptop in months because it kept shutting down on me. It would be right in the middle of performing some function and then it would just completely shut down. Plugged in, charged, whatever.

I found out, tonight, this is one of those problems common to MacBooks. (Last week, I found out ipods from late 2006 also shut down sometimes for no reason.) Finally, I realized I wasn't alone. What a relief. All I had to do was download the proper firmware update that would tell my MacBook to turn the damn fans on instead of overheat. And I just needed it to not randomly shut down in the middle of the download...

Luckily, there was some sort of stop-gap procedure to perform. When starting the computer, I had to hold the power key down for about 15 seconds until an ear-piercing beep started. This beep has a side effect of activating the fans more often. Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Well, I did the hold-down beep. I got the software update running and I even got a whiff of internet signal in the air. Then I downloaded the update.

I restarted and now my computer knows when to turn on the fans.

While I was finding the proper firmware (snort!), I noticed there was another update that might help me out: a new battery! To download. From the air. Over the internet. Into my laptop. Because we've finally reached the era of Superfriends science. Tomorrow, I'm downloading a danish!

(also of note: I finally tested that keyboard, Kenny. It works great! Music making! I do it!)


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