Thursday, April 03, 2008


Tom Brevoort on why it's okay to scan comics he works on, distribute them and take credit for doing them so long as you make enough profit doing it.

There's more to what a guy like Greg Land brings to his page than his scrap, and that's evidenced by the sales of the projects he draws--if the readership unilaterally decided to turn on him because of the way he uses sources in his artwork, then he'd probably have to approach things another way. But that hasn't happened--there's a tempest-in-a-teapot among a small group of people online, but that's about it. As always, if you don't like it, don't buy it--that sends the simplest, strongest message.

Brevoort is only addressing the "aesthetics" of art thief Greg Land, but he could be talking about David Mack, J. G. Jones, Salvador Larroca or any other super hero artists profiting off the work of others. And he, of course, ignores the issues of fraud and copyright infringement. He has to. Addressing it would point a big red finger at the hypocrisy of sending cease-and-desist letters out to file-sharers (something Marvel has every legal right to do) while your own employees add fraud to infringement (never mind the insulting fact that he would decide to defend thieves like them only one week after Jerry Siegel's estate won a court victory nullifying the first moral precedent art thieves in comics can site as their defense).

Link found on Journalista. I'd link to where Deppey first saw the link, but then you might click it and start reading a newsarama comments thread. And no one wants that.


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