Sunday, June 01, 2008

One More Day of Primaries before the Convention!


So, I actually have most of this book printed. This is quite an achievement, considering that I don't have this book fully drawn, I don't know what kind of paper the cover will be made from, I don't know how I'm going to bind the thing, and something else I'm forgetting.

Two more pages, that's what I'm drawing and then THAT's the cliffhanger right there. It's a good place, I think. Then the cover and the standy thing to fight Marcos' Carl standy thing in combat.

And then i need to finish assembling EMAW #10, and putting together the remaining olde books for show.

In case you haven't checked the blog since Friday morning, I've drawn and posted pages 17–26 this weekend. I'm starting to feel like it too. Tanquerey, Sirah, Jamesons and Baccardi should mix nicely, right? What if I add orange juice? What if I add Orange Juice Jones?


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