Thursday, July 17, 2008


Was going to post a page today, but it's late and I think — rather than scan — I'm going to watch HBO's recent Fat George Washington in Hobbit-Vision miniseries with the popup video function to find out if the Boston Massacre really took place in an alley behind John Adams' house. I liked how they handled Adams' famous line, "Can somebody help this kid? He's bleeding all over my waistcoat and I'm trying to have a defining moment!"

So far, the series does the terror of a mob well, as well as the absolute horror of tarring & feathering and the inoculation scene was deliciously gruesome. The conflation of events is a bit weird, but that's only because I've been re-immersed in the stuff these past six months. I'm sure if i hadn't, it wouldn't even occur to me that the Boston Massacre trial was factually wrong. Damn stubborn facts! The guy playing Sam Adams has the most meaningful stare ever. And I can't believe no one thought to use a spinning clock hand to demonstrate how long Dickinson and Adams' speeches were before the voting! The whole thing is fun, though, and I expect it well get really awesome once we hit the XYZ Affair.

Me? I could see a whole movie on the Boston Tea Party alone. I wish someone would do that.


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