Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm in no position to talk bout this right now, but at some point I want to write an essay about the ability, not to obfuscate, but to inspire and make the words of our parents a reality. The power of The Word is real, and we should never underestimate its ability to make the world better place. We focus so often upon language's ability to cast a Spell and make arcane the mechanisms that make everyday life functional. We forget — I do every day — that language, that The WordS can inspire and Remind us that we, as individuals, can and should partake in the communal promise of a civilized people.

The WordS are all WE are. At some point, the things that are important aren't who I or you are, but who WE can be.

I'm getting a little drunk right now. And I need to focus on listening. Listening to OUR words, the words we wish we could all shout this loud.


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