Thursday, August 21, 2008


First of all, Thank You IDW for putting this book out. Scorchy Smith and the Art of Noel Sickles is spectacular, and will probably take me all the times to go through.

Second of all, this book is HUGE!

So many pages! So much art! So many strips! If I could see all the faces of all the people responsible for this book, I would kiss you on your mouths. But I can't, because this is the internet, and no one's faces can be seen here.

I do have one tiny complaint (it IS the internet!). Of the 17 illustrations Sickles did for Love is Eternal, the Reader's Digest tale of Lincoln love, why is there only one piece reprinted (eighth image down if you clicked that link)? And why is it in black and white? And why is it so tiny?

Why deprive us of the crazy color scheme? Couldn't we have the black and white and the color? Is a Love is Eternal Omnibus planned for the future? Complete with pencil sketches, inks, color reproductions, essays, removable posters?

I demand a pull-out poster of Reader's Digest Condensed Books Autumn, 1954, Page 154: Lincoln's legs hanging from a hole in the ceiling!

Also, could you maybe update your website? New books are listed as recently as April. Scorchy Smith has no link to it. Come on, you're ruining my thrill. My thrill of having more Sickles in one place than ever before. SICKLES!


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