Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Every day, the publishers, editors, writers, artists and select interns at Cliff Face Comics discuss plans for bringing you more exciting, high-quality comics. Most of the ideas we generate are better than anyone else's ideas for comics, but we have a reputation to maintain. A reputation for excellence so high, 'better than anyone else' simply isn't good enough. And so, most of these ideas get flushed down the toilet.

But some ideas are too good or too large or made of some space-age ultralight corn material that keeps them from sinking into the bowl. These ideas we don't flush! These ideas become Cliff Face Comics.

And so it shall be again. We're concocting something new. Something special. Something maybe a little bit exclusive to the cons. We're in the labs right now, trying to make it happen. Make it great.

There's a good chance this could be the idea of a lifetime. Assuming the lifetime measured is that of a standard fruit fly.

Hint #1: The Underseaer.



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