Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Two weeks! I'm done being sick and I'm starting to pretend I have a life again. I'm sortakinda doing ok at the latter. At least the 'pretending' part.

I think the politics have ruined me for the internet for a bit. Every four years I get a bit obsessed and inundate myself in infoanalytical overloads. I've been trying to ween myself off with some Gilbert Sorrentino short stories.

Still, this year, there is more overload to access than ever.,,,,,,, the Colbert Report, the Daily Show, the Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown, ABC This Week, Face the Nation, Chris Matthews Show, Meet the Press, McLaughlin Group, Newshour, Washington Week, Hardball, 60 Minutes, Charlie Rose, swampland, political ticker, washington post, New York Times... I don't even have cable! Can you imagine? What might I have written if I wasn't reading Sorrentino?

By the end of this weekend, I should have the next 21st-Century Depression Comics issue done. I'll post it then. I should also be up and running on Mr. Eybyaninch Book 3 — another 30-page ballroom blitzkrieg.

Some day I will write something about some SPX stuff. Some day.

I've also built a sketchbook, Coptic Christian style, in order to work on yet another project. Some things have legs and some don't. I hope this one does. I'm looking to destroy myself on this one, so it better be worth it.

I also have the FOURTH issue of 21st-Century Depression Comics written. I'll be starting that once Mr. Eybyaninch is going full steam.

I am listening to Goblin, John Carpenter, Berlioz, Beethoven, the new Gojira and Stereolab. I've not heard the new Marnie Stern or the new Deerhoof. I've not watched the Office or Pushing Daisies. I'm behind on Prison Break and House. I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED THE FIFTH SEASON OF THE WIRE.

I probably haven't emailed you. You probably don't have my new phone number. I might owe you snail mail.


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