Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I'll probably put some of this into practice soon, now that I'm working out some of the pressing logics.

I'd been thinking about spaceships and tried to figure out what kind of spaceship would be good for colonizing planets. What would land on some hospitable planet, stand asride it's fertile valley and say, "I'm here to fill you will tiny people!"

How about the USO Keefe!

(Probably won't be the real ship name.)

Continuing to think about necks and space fashion, I also started to think about gender on a colony ship. I'm starting to think there's going to be a lot less of one than there is of the other. But then: necks! This one is inspired by some other thoughts I'm having about space colonists, the traditionally antiseptic nature of sci-fi space and a Halloween costume my friend Katy once wore:

Here's a dash of color to help it make sense:

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