Wednesday, April 01, 2009


How about that Crack the Skye? I've listened to it about a dozen times already. Sometimes i don't know if I'm listening to it because I love it, or because I'm trying to figure it out. And I'm not even talking about the supposed concept album story about traveling back in time to get possessed by Rasputin's spirit as he tries to escape assassination so you can better process the death of your sister. I mean, what was Blood Mountain about? There's a stag on the cover! No, the things I've been trying to understand is how this can sound so much like a Mastodon album without the death/thrash guitars and with the keyboards. Crazy.

I like that NIN:JA ep too. Well, the NIN and JA parts. The Rage Against the Coup part so much. Eh, I'm the olde.

I'm litening to someone called RH+ now, Curb is the song. I think if the indie disco thing sonded more like this initially, i would've been more down with it. Listening to a bunch of weird free shit actually. Polly Scattergood? When does the ropey goth disco revival start? Now. MODERAT? Let my love of techno never die.

Here's some pencils for the THIRD version of the page I posted two versions of yesterday. I should note that I'm not including thumbnails and separate layouts in this calculation. I feel like I'm working on a painting (well, I feel like someone ELSE working on a painting, I never did so many preliminaries).

I thought i pretty much had it, finally. Even if some of the body language was getting a bit...set-up-a-livejournal-feedy. But, I could live with that. At least it was going somewhere.

But then I started thinking about how dull and traditional those space uniforms looked. I mean, this was part of the original idea: I wanted them to look low-budget. Now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking about the concept, the vampire astronaut part. What kind of clothes would my space people wear?

This thinking took me to image searches of Sandra Backlund designs. I'm thinking about big, bulky necks. In space. I have a feeling some of the costume redesigns are going to take me to new layouts. I'm keeping the damn sandwich though.

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Blogger Kenneth Belasco said...

have to say that the first panel on the first attempt made me think they were at a baseball game, and that is awesome. In the future space flight is so ordinary that you can do it on the go whether at home or at little jimmy's recital.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Justin Fox said...

Yeah, the focus dropped away a bit too much on the later versions. Trying to fix.

Working on layouts right now!

9:44 AM  

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