Sunday, May 31, 2009


Unlike some people getting their a table for the first time at MoCCA, the five-year veterans at Cliff Face Comics still have not received their table assignment. Tsk tsk.

But you should find us at table number something near someone. Probably. Show is at the Armory this year (June 6th & 7th at the 69th Regiment Armory at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street in New York City). Greatly looking forward to it. I think this might be the first comic convention ever held in a recognizable part of civilization.

If you come to the table, I'd advise doing so before lunch. After lunch, I will stink of curry.

I don't think Marcos or I will have anything new at the show... He might. I won't. Unless I haven't seen you since last MoCCA. Then we will have many new things.

New-new books will not be around until July, probably. Why? Because we're terrible people. I was hoping I'd get some arts up here on the blog before the show. We'll see. Still printing and collating and cutting and stapling and adhering and sewing and folding.



Blogger Kevin Church said...

Man, I got no idea why they've not gotten to everyone yet. It's ridonculous. The show is a LOT bigger this year, though, so there's probably some trouble assigning everyone in time with a purely voluntary staff.

Also: it may be because you suck.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Justin Fox said...

I have heard that assigning the tables looks like a Ziggy cartoon.

A poor volunteer is sitting at a table with comics creators' names on cards in two boxes: "Known to Suck" and "First-Timers"

1:06 PM  

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