Monday, December 21, 2009


Quarter cup of Jim Beam, half a lemon's worth of juice, quarter cup of simple syrup (not heated), a few shakes of angostra bitters, ice, shaken, in a tumbler.

My friend Keenon is doing youtube links for his songs. i'm going to se if I can manage that. Hmmm... the sound quality isn't great. Also, many aren't actually videos at all. They're just accompanied still images. Tis the season!

49. Disfear — Get it Off

What a way to start! Or, should I say, whattawaytastart!!!!!!! I've never listened to Disfear before and bought this D-Beat, hardcore album solely because a guitarist from Entombed had joined the band. i almost always listen to this when getting off the World Trade Center to psyche myself up for the coming night. I just wannaaaaa Get it off! Get it Off !Get ist off!!! Get it off! Yeah!

48. Neurosis — Given to the Rising

it actually takes a little while for the awesome to kick in on this song. Right now, we're in the breakdown and I'm trying to rmember why i put it up so high. Dark, sludge OH! Then it gives to the Rising! The fatal flaw in maaaaan!!!!

47. Deastro — Parallelogram

I got all this guy's stuff just because I loved this so much! Bop diddy bopbop diddy bop bop diddy diddy bop This is the brightest shiniest song in the world like golden goblets spinning in an angel's eyes. Redeems the world this one song. If some alien ever comes down to questino humanities worth, this will be our klaatu barada nikto and THE. EARTH. WILL. NOT. STAND. STILL. We will shake booties.

46. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen — Poison Dart

Adding a splash of OJ this time. My goodness. liquid candy.

I think Ben Sansum introduced this to me last year. I distincly remember thinking, "Someone has finally made dub you can listen to!" I've seen it in action, and in action and I get it. But to actually listen to? And then I heard it again and forgot i already had a copy of it so i got one, and I distincly remember thinking, "Oh that's great." And then I think Kevin Church included in his best-of-the-year list, and I thought, "Oh man, I love this song! Why don't I have a copy?! It's time to give in." So I bought a copy. i now have three different digital copies of this song. The one 'm listening to right now is my favorite though. Anyway, that shit pounds and it's half as slow the closer it gets to earth. And it's a huge sound pound.

45. The Flaming Lips — Do You Realize??

i don't man, say what you will, but he's asking you if you realize you're gonna die, man, t's deep shit man. Everyone's got to have a carpe diem thing to link to and don't tell me it's trite when you're all caught up in something and you forget it or it doesn't apply to you at that moment because you got responsibilities and shit. We all forget, and it's nice that there's a reminder that sounds this good.

44. Grandaddy — Broken Household Appliance National Forest

If you told me these guys and Grizzly Bear were the same guys, I would believe you. Galactic Woods Cabin Ghost Epics. Plus, once the fuzzy fuzzy kicks in, the whole thing kicks in. Rocky fuzz. Also, the title is half the chorus and it's one of the best choruses of the decade.

43. lady Gaga — Bad Romance

oh hell yes I'm including the official HD video with this shit. If, for some reason, you haven't seen tis thing.

So, ther's some hatar scuttlebutt for lady Gaga, is what I've been told. Amazing. You whatnots. Do people really have so much time on their hands they can resist this? Anyway, this is the song for New Year's Eve. Love love love I want your love. This could be in the top three if i had a little more time with it, but we're running out of decade! Everything is perfect, and i can't wait to have the night this was made for. I want your bad romance. i can't think of anything i want more right now, and i've had some. Love beautiful, end it ugly.

42. Cold Pumas — Jela

i've listened to a surprising number of rhythm-heavy noise band duos over the decade, and a few get in here: Lightning Bolt = less dancey, No Age = more dancey, Cold Pumas = let it bounce little bear. Especially with jela. I could pogo this so hard, you'd call me Walt Kelly.

41. Hauschka — Blue Bicycle

Sorry, no video. Maybe this will work?

looking for the video, I discovered Hauschka is a dude. This is very disappointing. Oh well. "prepared" piano, cellos and exactly the sort of thing you expect to hear when you're having your "I'm in a film!" moment. You're riding a train and Jason Shwartzman is sitting across from you, or you start squinting a Luke Wilson, everything is meaningful and you're looking out a window, brooding, you wish you had a rooftop to brood upon, but that lousy Daredevil is always kicking you off. "My corner! My corner! You find other corner!" Daredevil is such a jerk. So now I'm on a train and my face is pressed up against this glass and i know i shouldn't have left, but i got things to do, baby. Things to do. It was a mistake, alright? But there's no way in hell I'm taking it back because we still have half the third reel to go and what? Oh, this is the part where I realise I screwed up and changed my mind? i'm going to run around looking for you as soon as this song ends/ is that what i'm doing? man, this had better not be 12 Monkeys.

40. Jay-Z and Punjabi MC — Beware of the Boys.

Man, i really thought raga would conquer music for three minutes back then. I still think that if jay wants to be Sinatra, this is his new York, New York. Screw that Empire. This is Knight Rider, raga and Jigga functioning united Nations shit. New York, India and Germany.

39. Fuck Buttons — The Lisbon Maru

I don't know a what a lisbon maru is. It sounds like kirk might've done it in Spain though. Tiberius slept here. They said it was impossible, but he cheated. Whatever. This is the promise of the Fuck buttons. This is the olympic themesong for the Awesome Olumpics! No more crappy olampix! No! Thise is the AWSWSWOMWE Olympics!!!! And this is what we're running for! I've got a torch in one hand and the Nazis held back with the other Hitler, we will prove you are not the master race with torches and soccer and triumph and swimming and then maybe apartheid will be ended with Bourne soccer and then people will run in chariots of fire, and the natural will hit the lights and Erika Johnson and Frasier's wife will be there to try and seduce us like Racquel Weltch. And then the Nazis will learn they can't mess with us and Kirk.

38. Au Revoir Simone — Shadows

Sure, I suspected cuteness, but this is the first time I'm seeing the video. If only yhte video had the mp3 sound quality and didn't low down my ancient computer i could type and oggle. What evs. This is what a pretty pop song should sound like . Exactly. it;s prettty. Musicaly pretty. And poppy. And that organ is a little dark. I'm incorrigible!
(I actually hate the message a little bit and usually run away from girls who tell me they are weka without me... it's not my shadow— that's actually me)

37. Boris — Furi

Um... this is a live version. it's not quite as recorded.

i don't know what "furi" means in Japanese, but i'll tell you what, it might mean "Fury" When these guys go furious hooky psychedelic metal, they win. They win a lot. This song is like the world series of winininnning. Get up! Guitar! Hero! Get up! guitar! Hero! i don't care if that's not wha tthey're saying with their words, it's what they're saying with their guitars!~

36. M83 — Kim & Jessie

The fan-made video has better sound and embedding. Why wouldn't you want to embed it? Oy.

So, i had an M83 song and i liked it. Then I heard more and freaked out. I was punching the internet and demanding someone someone someone tell me who these people are someone tell me! Who are these people. Two songs couldn't be more different. Both good, both so different. Then I ate everything M83. And then Kim & Jessie. Remember when 80s revivalism started in 1990 and ever since then every 19 year old girl has rediscovered the 80s? On Friday, a girl thought doing Creep karaoke was dumb, and that we should be doing something cool like Journey. You weren't even alive for Journey! You just turned 24! This relationship will never work. Creep is a good song. We were teenagers when Creep came out. We've already done about 12 80s revivals. Stop revivaling the 80s! You look like a bunch of Renfesters! Thanks for the numer, but I don't think I'll call you. However, yes, thanks for the number. I t does make me feel good about myself.

So, you know how we all idolize the 80s? This is the song we all think came out then. But it didn't it came out in the oos. This is Our false memory rendered real like a sci-fi machine. This is Kim & Jessie. This is the M83 and they don't toss shit out the windows and have plague like they had in the real Renaisance, they play human chess and call you milord and give you big legs of meat and there's a beer tent, but everyone is beautiful.

35. His Clancyness — So Bored

no video. here's a free mp3 link!

I didn't get into the Waaves very much but then people started covering them and revealing great songs beneath all the brbsfrhbgsdibfdfzbg... Anamanguchi did a great microhouse cover and then His Clancyness basicall y did it up. Bows. Gold paper. He hedrixed your dylan. Cobained your Jesus. This is fantastic. It's I'm so tired the way whenever i think I'm so tired I start singing I'm so tired, when I'm so bored I can't help but sing this song. Also, there's ripped jeans to shorts, sunkissed and curved, and there's not likeing jerks. No one likes jerks.

34. Fucked Up — Son the Father

There's also some cool live versions of this.

So sometimes on All Songs Considered, they get this dude to walk acreoss the studio and tell them what non-sappy new music is out there. Enter Canada's Greatest Gift since... Neil Young? Reimported drugs? The X-Files? Drawn and Quarterly? Brian Adams?

Eithy brazillon guitars. That's what you get. then the screaming starts. This is the most hardcore pink floyd ever sounded. holy shit. When I decided ths was the Fucked Up song, i forgot how awesome it was. was like, come on, this is awesome. Why aren't you feeling it? Usually it feels beter and all the pieces are there. Why isn't this working. Tonight i turned the volume up a little too high. This is a little too loud, My ears are bledding a litel mamAZzmzzy head is starting to get lost in space outer space. This song is one of the greatest songs of the decade. I'ts greatnetsss mad be understated. Oh god indeed!!!!!!!! I'm trying to add exclapasion pints to the high hat beat: 11 1 11111 11 111 !!!!!!!!!!! Now it's just swirling and fucking with ne.

33. Xiu Xiu — Hives Hives

This is a live version and not the version I am listening to. The quality is rotten.

This is the maybe the hardest song to talk about. It's about AIDS. Hives is HIV. This song is a bit transcendent. This The it's noisey and trancey and soft loud soft loud and epic and fragile and sad and uncomfortable and holding you safe in it's arms and painful. and beautiful. Sorry I don't have a better verion on the page.

32. jesu — Conqueror

Really, all these songs work so well together. This is the most beautiful thing Justin from Napalm Death ecver did. Big huge shoegave. I need some dimmer lights for this or nothing but bright sun. All dark or all bright. This in between is shitting me. Turn off some light sa nd get your sorry on or run through some grass go go go! Actually, walk around a tthe end of the night trying to fing teh subway. Walk the opposite way of pretty girls so you can see there faces and watch therr giggles get closer. Doppler pretty when you can.

31. Wild Beasts — The Fun Powder Plot

I'm in love. This just came out a little while ago, and it's basically Antony of the johnstons playing singing to ultra-danced up the Smiths and then he says "This is a booty call, my boot, my boot, my boot" i don't know what "Donkey Jar Diction" is, but i don't know what a Fun Powder Plot is Either. Do you know what a Money monet is? Exactly. What about that Trogs song.? Right. Put on some eyeliner or something.

30. modest Mouse — Float On

And here's Modest Mous doing the Cure and filming it. Or recording the adio/. I wish we hadn't missed the window on audio sex tape scandals. It's my favorite band. It's the last truly great song they've done. And it is great, even if it was on the radio. That's ok. We'll all float on.

29. Radiohead — Everything In It's Right Place

Surprizingly, this doesn't fit in that well. ironic or proof that i'm not making the greatest mix playlist ever? You decide. I love the way this hums so heavy for so long. You can listen to his words, but I'm someonwhere in thos chords.

28. Alcest — Souvenirs d'un autre monde

Yeah, there's no bass on thes e youtubes. needs more woofer.

Frenchshoegaze black metal. I assume they're all being very ernest here, but maybe not, They are french. But it's black metal and there's a little green girl playinf a flute in the woods. This is jesu taken to another level of high, elevated upthereness. Big big swooshing fuzzy guitars and trying to french your way into heaven. You can listen to this in the morning when you go to work and you can liten to this when you come home. You can listen to this with thte lights out and you can listen to this in the rain. It's sad and it's happy and its a dream of someone you loved and lost. and still love and miss and in the dream you're together still and you're trying to get her to go to the island, but she says she can't it's your turn and you think that's a silly thing to say of all the people who should go, she should go. But then you wake up and you realizes she was telling you she really can't go. But it's ok. I should go to the island/.

27. Daft Punk — One More Time

Again. there's no base. We're actually explicitly forbidden from using Alive 2007 in this list. No live versions of old songs, and Alive 2007 combines old and new and renders itself unusable! So, here's Did I say speaking of the French yet? I was gonna say that. A lot of Daft Punks' songs this decade ar actually a bit too thin for me, and they don't really become great until they're combined with something else, but this This is odl, Homework Daft Punk in the way that it initself is perfect. That's the longest breakdown in history maybe but then it's a revelation. i am always dancing when i'm lilisteing to this song. Alway. luckily, i'm not a very good dancer, so so few people even notice i'm dancing. But come on. message. beat. Horn synths. Uncrooss your arms and celebrate and dance so free one more time.

26. The Field — Over The Ice

Youtube and itunes were playing at the same time. and this went nuts. As much as i like the eeeeeeeeees It's the i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i I love the best. In a lot of ways, this song is totally reshaping the way i listen to music or expect it to sound like. 've listened to a lot of dance music and a lot of samples but this is well... it's hummy and it's fuzzy. again. There's a lot of fuzzy shit here. It wasa decade of fuzzy i guess. Did you enjoy your fuzzy decade? Yes you did! Yes you did! Go get the decade! Good girl! now bring the decade to me.

25. Santogold — L.E.S. Artistes

I guess the last "e' means it's ironic? man, if there's one thing new York has ruined, it's irony. new York might need to stop for a while and let someone else takeover, cause this shit is getting drastic. on the other hand, one night i spun so fadst around to this song i fell down. Don't spin when you're drunk on the dance floor. i mean, do it, because you will laugh, but don't do it witha drink actuallyin your hand and not wwhens o close to other people with drinks in their hands.

24. modest mouse — 3rd Planet

Here's that news van again. They're my favorite band, ok? I've seen them more than half a dozen times. yeah, we're not dancing anymore, but your heart felt good. I lika the science fiction. I lika the myths. I've read Cages a couple times. Creation Myths. I have one to. Everyone should have a creation myth, why not ty one to driving and circularity and why not have an awesome part sung through a megaphone?

23. Aaliyah — Try Again

I loved Aalyah so much. She's really the basis for everything good and terrible in R&B. Don't blame her for the terrible though. Just appreciate the beauty of the good. I have no special memory assciated with this song, i only have this song and how much I love listening to this song. wikiwikiwah

22. Amber — The Need to Be Naked

Try this!

Okay, this s pretty crass too, I guess. Musically, I mean. it's just a light fluffy not-quite trance song. Still, you know what, I reall ybelieve she needs to be naked with me. And if anyone has this playing and they're dancing and it's in fron tof me and they're lipsyncing, I will totolly believe they feel the need to be naked with me and they better not turn around and sing this to some other guy because then i will get angry and then the night will suck because i'll know i should just let it go, but i won't because I am dumb. it's a good thing i'm also a weekling and a coward, because there's no way i'm gonna do anything about my anger. So, it's best if we just focus un being naked. With me.

21. Friendly Fires — Paris (Aeroplane Remix Featuring Au Revoir Simone)

So, don't bother wth the original. it will suck the love out of you. This on the other hand. This is how I discovered Au Revoir Simone and this... this was very special and Paris. I can't believe i'm saying this. But I really thought we were going to go to Paris. I thought we were really going to do it.i love this song and i love listening to it and I think it's nearly perfect, but it was also a promise that i thought we were really going going to fulfill. Well, we'll always have that time we were going to go to paris, I guess.

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