Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dreaded stereotypical apology for not updating, complete with empty promises to resume updating. How boorish of me.

We'll be sprucing the place up in a bit, getting back to regular updating and all that. I'd love to say that the struggles of life got in the way of doing work, but i always get a little burned out in the winter. This time it was just exaggerated over... five(?) months. Ugh.

Anyway, blah blah blah.

Cliff Face Comics will be at MoCCA this April. Normally, now is when I would begin my big drawing push to get a book ready for this show, but the show was always in June back then. I think it's fair to assume that I won't have anything new for this show. Are you excited yet??? MoCCA 2010 will be the last Cliff Face convention for a while. We're going to take a break from standing behind tables for the rest of 2010. Hopefully, we'll still see you from the other side.

That's all, really. Far more interesting posting should resume as early as this evening!!!


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