Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Old-School Blogging

I do miss old-fashioned blogging, and if I'm ever going to write the essays I have in my head, they'll probably be here. I love Tumblr and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and whatever, and I'll keep using them, but I miss the one-stop-shop. 

Here's a page of a comic I've been working on. I've written this comic front to back in thumbnails 5-6 times and as finished pages almost twice, and it's been a real struggle finding my groove. These are the finished pencils for this latest round. Hopefully it's the last time I pencil this page. Right now, it feels like it's light years ahead of the earlier drafts. 

I'm listening to Astronoid's Air. It's super pretty emo shoegaze unblackened black metal in the vein of Alcest, Jesu and Rainer Maria. I like it a lot. 

I've been browbeaten into watching Rick and Morty. It's not bad. I could do without the rape/sexual violation jokes, but some of it is quite good. "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!"

Sami Zayn is the wrestler of the year so far. His match against Nakamura and his feud/matches with Kevin Owens have been stellar. If we can't ever have Daniel Bryan wrestle again, I'll take Sami each and every day. 

I just read the second issue of Soule and Pulido's She-Hulk. What a pleasure that book was. I'm also rereading Milligan and Bachalo's Shade, the Changing Man. The first issue holds up really well. 



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