Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Different Page 6 Work in Progress

The thumbs for this other comic — a comic I've done about three full drafts of — are on 14x17 paper, more or less full size, and drawn with a 6B pencil. Since I keep reworking the damn thing trying to get it right, I thought breaking with my normal process would help. I think it was the right call. 
My plan for this draft is to do one pass on the pencils for all 24(?) pages and then do another pass before inking. Either this is the final draft or I put the whole thing on the back burner and work on a different project. 
I'm pretty happy with this page and I think it's the closest to being a final penciled page I've done so far. 

More days where I start and finish two pages of pencils before dinner, please!

Due to some very unplanned events on Sunday, I was unable to go to the Baroness/Pallbearer show that night. Pretty bummed about that, but there was stuff needed doing. I like the new Pallbearer EP, Flesh & Fury. They've gone crossover without sounding like crap. 

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