Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American Brainstorm Page 6 Thumbnails and Pencils

When Patrick Barb and I were 'writing' American Brainstorm, we basically just sat at my kitchen table drinking beers while he jotted thoughts in his notebook and I thumbnailed pages, trying to keep up with the freewheeling ideas we were shooting back and forth. 

I do my thumbs pretty big, on legal paper and, in this case, with big fat sharpies. 

My favorite bit at this stage was the floating head in the narration caption box in the first panel. The great Kim Deitch is one of the few people I can think of who still employs this tool, which I guess looks quaint and unserious and old fashioned to a lot of people. All the more reason to bring it back!

While pencilling the page, I cracked myself up a bit, including dreadful cameos by Carl Weathers and Sonny Landham and a gag in panel 5 with a jack-booted SJW thug* bayoneting Weathers and simultaneously shooting Landham in the neck. 

I wasn't listening to anything while drawing this, but I woke up with Moses Sumney's Everlasting Sigh in my head. It's a wonderful song and one of my favorites of 2016. 

It's 10:22 AM and I started and finished a page of pencils. If I'm going to get things done, I need to create more mornings like this one. 

*At the risk of stepping on and ruining the joke, American Brainstorm is supposed to be an adaptation of a cheap 80s action movie that takes place in a dystopian future US as imagined by NRA/MRA/Right-wing Christian/Libertarian/Tea party/Drumpf nut jobs. 

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