Tuesday, August 02, 2016

American Brainstorm Work in Progress

My friend Patrick Barb and I came up with a rather silly idea for a comic a couple years ago called American Brainstorm. We had a lot of fun bouncing around and escalating each other's nutty thoughts and I laid out and he scripted the whole thing. 

I was supposed to be working on it on the side of other comics I was working on, but those comics kept getting sidelined by life and this got further and further sidelined. 

I drew the first splash page ages ago, but it's gone now. I'm taking a little time to work on it now, taping together two sheets of this too-small paper I ordered while I wait for the fool-size papers to arrive. 

This will also give me a chance to practice on this vellum surface. 

I'm years behind everyone else in this, I'm sure, but I just played the demo of Limbo. It's the first video game I've played since...Super Mario Wii(?) at Marcos and Jill's going away party. It's great. Fairly intuitive, clever, makes you feel clever for solving problems, moody, creepy, gorgeous, scary, only a little frustrating. I'm going to buy it, making it the first video game I ever buy. But I'm going to wait a bit. I don't really NEED more things to occupy my time, even if one of those things is special, like I think Limbo is. 

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